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Saturday, 25 December 2010


Welcome back and Happy Christmas to all our readers and supporters.

If you've arrived here at the answers page without taking the two part quiz, you can skip back to it using these links:-




As promised, here are the answers to the Woodhead By Numbers Xmas Quiz, posted nice and early on this crisp and even and bloomin freezing Christmas morn. Good luck.

- 45 (ie: 1845)

A2 - 115 (1868-1983)

A3 - 60 (Tunnel 1 1845 - 26 deaths/Tunnel 2 1849 - 28/Tunnel 3 1953 - 6)

A4 - 30

A5 - 200

Thus SUBTOTAL 1 should equal 450

A6 - 54 (ie:1954)

A7 - 76

A8 - 65

A9 - 77

A10 - 90

SUBTOTAL 2 = 362 - Therefore the correct score at the halfway point came to 812

A11 - 1,550 (volts direct current)

A12 - 1957

A13 - 25 (kV overhead)

A14 - The princely sum of £1

A15 - 400(kV)

SUBTOTAL 3 = 3883 - Therefore at the 3/4 mark the correct tally to now stands at 4695.

A16 - 70 (ie: 1970)

A17 - 84 (I have seen various wrong answers to this posted on different websites but who can argue with this definitive link?:

A18 - 1270

A19 - 165

A20 - 35

SUBTOTAL 4 thus equals 1597 - So finally we get to add it all up as follows:-

SUBTOTAL 1 - 450
SUBTOTAL 2 - 362
SUBTOTAL 3 - 3883
SUBTOTAL 4 - 1597


If you actually managed to arrive at exactly the right total, then absolutely fantastic and really well done - I think your name must be Alan Whitehouse then!

For those of us who are less than perfect or just mere mortals, give yourself a pat on the back if you managed to fall within any of the following standards:

Award yourself a Gold Star if you got within 2% either way, that is between 6166 - 6418

Award yourself a Silver Star if you got within 5% either way, that is between 5977 - 6607

Award yourself a Bronze Star if you got within 10% either way, that is between 5663 - 6921

If you didn't quite make the very exacting standard required to earn a Star in our Woodhead By Numbers Christmas Quiz, then don't worry because you're clearly in need of further education about the line, so you've come to the right blogspot.

Not only is the blog packed full of information but there are regular updates which you can follow by entering your e-mail address and if you scroll down the right hand panel you will find links to other Woodhead related sites and to numerous press articles.

Expect a lot of blog activity in 2011 and a record number of posts during the next 12 months as we continue the push the case to Re-open the Woodhead Line regardless of Ministerial attitudes and Treasury cutbacks - there is both a business case and a common sense case for the re-instatement of this line.

Thank you all for taking the time to do our quiz (a hard one I think). Please bookmark us and visit us again soon. Also if you have any news or views to share or things you would like to appear on the blog then let us know. If we don't blog before the New Year - have a good one.