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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Woodhead Railway Line - Useful Links & Resources (1) - Great Central Railway Society

Hi Readers and Welcome Back,

After a brief interlude you will be pleased to learn that there will be quite a series of posts over the next few weeks.

The title of this particular post 'Woodhead Railway Line - Useful Links & Resources (1) - Great Central Railway Society' is the first of many websites I will be exploring and encouraging our readers to check out.

Some will be familiar (but perhaps out of sight out of mind) others less so.

Whilst always being mindful that our remit is concerned with the future of the Woodhead RailwayLine rather the past, we are equally aware that it is important to be knowledgeable about the history of the line, in order to understand how we have arrived at the present. That in turn helps inform us on how to proceed in the future.

With that in mind I introduce you to the first in the series, which is the site of the Great Central Railway Society

Whilst the site covers what it says on the tin and therefore has a remit much wider than merely Woodhead, there is a great bibligraphy which you can check out here:

Great Central Railway Society - Bibliography

This list was started by David Arnold, who asked for suggestions on the Great Central Railway Society forum on Yahoo.

Books are listed in categories but in some cases this can be rather arbitrary. Magazine articles are listed by publication and then in date order.

To save you the hassle, I have culled the specifically Woodhead related books and articles and listed them below but please find time to visit the website for yourselves. There is quite a nice photo gallery and a programme of events for 2011, which may be of interest.



The Woodhead route
The First Railway Between Manchester and Sheffield, George Dow, LNER 1945.
The Third Woodhead Tunnel, George Dow, BR (London Midland Region) 1954.
This was the Woodhead Route, S.R. Batty, Ian Allan 1981, ISBN 0911011400.
Main Line Across the Pennines: Woodhead in the Shadows, C.M. Corroy & A.R. Kay, Lowlander Publications 1981(?), ISBN 0946930031.
Railroaded! Battle for Woodhead Pass, Simon Bain, Faber & Faber 1986.
The Sheffield, Ashton under Lyne and Manchester Railway - The Woodhead Line, Martin Bairstow, Martin Bairstow 1986, ISBN 0951030248.
Railway World Special: The Woodhead Route, Stephen R. Batty, Ian Allan 1986, ISBN 0711016194.
Scenes from the Past: 29 - Woodhead (Part One), E.M. Johnson, Foxline Publishing 1996 (rpt 2006), ISBN 1870119436.
Scenes from the Past: 29 - Woodhead (Part Two), E.M. Johnson, Foxline Publishing 1998(?), ISBN 1870119525.
Woodhead: The Lost Railway, Stephen Gay, Hallamshire Press 1999, ISBN 1874718431.
Scenes from the Past: 29 - Woodhead (Part Three), E.M. Johnson, Foxline Publishing 2001(?), ISBN 870119819/827.
Wartime Woodhead, Kenneth Oldham, Irwell Press 2004, ISBN 1903266440.

Magazine articles and magazine-style publications

Woodhead, Alan Earnshaw, vol.5 no.2 (March-April 1991).
Woodhead Part 2, Alan Earnshaw , vol.5 no.3 (May-June 1991).
The Woodhead Electrics (photo feature, Alan Earnshaw, vol.10 no.9 (Sept 1996).
The Manchester, Sheffield and Wath Electrification - Part Two, Roy G. Chapman, vol.12 no.5 (May 1998).
Woodhead - The Abandoned Railway, Alan Earnshaw, vol.12 no.7 (July 1998).
Annesley to East Leake - Part One, Robert Emblin, vol.12 no.8 (Aug 1998).
Woodhead Tunnels Today, Geoff Brown, vol.12 no.9 (Sept 1998).
British Railways Illustrated

Moving the Coal to Manchester (Wath and Mottram yards), Ron Fareham, vol.7 no.8 (May 1998).
Britain's New Railway - Steam to Electric Traction from Manchester to Woodhead - Part 8: Hyde to Newton, E.M.Johnson, vol.19 no.12 (Sept 2010).

The Journal of the Railway and Canal Historical Society

Woodhead Wonders
, John Huxley, vol.31 no.10 (Nov 1995).

Railway World

Murder in the Pennines (building of the Woodhead tunnels), Josephine Rhodes, vol.31 no.356 (Jan 1970).
Railways Illustrated

Working the Woodhead, Stephen Cornish, (May 2010).

Woodhead Wonders, John Huxley, vol.31 no.10 (Nov 1995).


I may have missed one or two along the way but quite a useful and extensive list, I think you will agree. If you have any suggestions of your own to add to the list then please use the comment box below this post to contact us or e-mail us at:

e-mail us

You can find a full list of links from Re-open the Woodhead Line to the right hand side of the blog, just below Followers and Facebook Share, to which the Great Central Railway Society bibliography has just been added. Back with you soon.