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Thursday, 15 December 2011

XMAS FUN QUIZ - Monday 19th December 2011 @ Glossop Labour Club 7.30pm



Map of Venue

Hi Folks,

All in all it's been a busy year for the Re-open the Woodhead Line group, what with it being the 30th Anniversary year of the closure of the line. On St. Patrick's Day we held a slideshow on the history of the Woodhead line and followed that up in May with a Rail Users Forum at which no less than 2 M.P.'s were in attendance (Angela Smith & Shadow Rail Mnister, Andrew Gwynne).

July involved much courting of the media to publicise the then forthcoming anniversary celebrations/commiserations?! This paid fine dividends with our wreath laying ceremony at Manchester Piccadilly (in memory of those who lost their lives in building the tunnels) meriting coverage on both the BBC and ITN news programs.

Then of course the autumn saw the Woodhead Special, a whole day of Woodhead related material presented by the Great Central Railway Society, providing a veritable feast of information for Woodhead enthusiasts.

So by way of giving ourselves and yourselves a chance to wind down for the year's end, we present a fun quiz that does not involve trains, railways, gauges, anoraks or even nerdy related questions that allude to a certain form of transport.

No. This will be a fun quiz to provide a light hearted finale to what has been a hard year of campaigning. So come along for a beer and a laugh and to participate in a fun quiz, regardless of whether you are a member or supporter or otherwise.

There may be food on the evening or there may be not. There may be a prize for the winner or there may be not. What I can definately guarantee is that there will be a fun quiz, there will be me, the quizmaster and hopefully: there will be you too - and that's all we need. See you there.

Map of Venue

XMAS FUN QUIZ - Monday 19th December - Glossop Labour Club 7.30pm