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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Xmas Quiz - Woodhead By Numbers - part 2

For those of you who missed part one, click here for Questions 1-10 then rejoin us once you have your interim score. Just to recap, all the answers to the questions are in the form of a number. Moreover, the ultimate answer to the quiz is also a number ie: the sum of your answers to all 20 questions. Your aim is to get as close to the target figure as possible. Here we go then:-

Q11 - The Manchester-Wath electrification project was energised at how many volts direct current?

Q12 - The year in which Crowden Station closed (all four digits).

Q13 - In 1984 the remaining section of the line (Hadfield to Manchester) was converted to how many kV overhead?

Q14 - In 1990 National Grid bought the 1954 tunnel from British Rail for how many pounds sterling?

Q15 - Since 1963 the north tunnel has been used by the National Grid to carry the trans-Pennine ??? kV electricity link below ground under the Peak District National Park. Replace the ??? with a three digit answer.

A small interlude now follows as you sum your answers for questions 11-15 to create SUB-TOTAL 3. Finished. Good. Now for the run-in......

Q16 - The line was closed to passengers in which year? Last two digits only.

Q17 - On the 4th December 2007, how many MPs signed an early day motion in the commons brought by Manchester Blackley MP, Graham Stringer, expressing concern at laying cables in a viable tunnel for rail traffic.

Q18 - Catherine Bone's No.10 petition calling for the re-opening of the Manchester-Sheffield line via Woodhead received how many signatures?

Q19 - How many millions did National Grid exageratedly claim it would cost to refurbish the old tunnels?

Q20 - and finally... according to the 2001 Arriva proposal, the use of Woodhead could reduce Manchester to Sheffield journeys times to how many minutes.


Time to sum up your answers for questions 16-20 to give you SUB-TOTAL 4

Now simply add SUB-TOTALS 3 and 4 together. That gives you a score for today.

Finally add yesterday's score to todays score to arrive at your GRAND TOTAL, which is in fact your answer to the quiz.

As I know you all can't wait a moment longer than necessary for the answers (and my suggested GRAND SCORE) I shall schedule them to be available first thing Christmas morning.

That is to say after Santa has arrived but before the kids and the dog arise. So whilst they are opening their presents, you can sneak off to the computer for a quick peek at the result.

Good luck with the quiz and may I take this opportunity to wish all our readers and supporters a very merry Christmas. I'll be back with the answers early on the 25th.