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Thursday, 23 December 2010


Hi everyone and welcome back,

Today we have a little Christmas treat for all our readers entitled Woodhead By Numbers. Its a quiz but one with a difference. That difference being that all the answers are represented by a number. The ultimate answer to the quiz is also therefore represented by a number - that number being the sum of all the answers and which will be revealed at the end of the quiz.

Your task is to get as close to the final declared number as possible. Naturally, if you get them all right you will have it bang on but you'll be lucky - or extremely knowledgeable about the subject of Woodhead.

Alternatively you can of course score it the traditional boring way by just counting up your correct answers then arguing with the question master to chisel an extra half point like they do in pubs!

Ready? Then summon up your calculator (if you really can't add up) and put your thinking caps on now. Away we go for the first instalment of Woodhead By Numbers:

Q1 - The last two digits of the year in which the first of Woodhead's two single bores opened to traffic.

Q2 - The number of years that Deepcar station was open.

Q3 - The sum total of lives lost during the construction of the three tunnels.

Q4 - 17th July 2011 will represent how many years since a Harwich ferry train became the last service ever to pass through the tunnel?

Q5 - The gradient towards Dunford Bridge at its east end is 1 in how many? - choose from the following: 1:100 1:200 1:500 1:1,000

OK its calculator time. Add up your first five answers to give yourself SUB TOTAL 1

Once you've done that and put it in your digital memory bank or just scribbled it on a bit of paper in the customary traditional way, as most of us do, you can move onto Question 6:

Q6 - The new double track tunnel took 5 years to build. The ribbon was cut by Transport Minister Alan Lennox-Boyd on the 3rd of July 19xx? The last two digits only please.

Q7 - New electric freight train locomotives were constructed at Gorton, Manchester and were known as the EM1 - but what was the Class Number?

Q8 - And what was the maximum speed (miles per hour) of the EM1?

Now for a little deja vu.....

Q9 - New electric passenger train locomotives were constructed at Gorton, Manchester and were known as the EM2 - but what was the Class Number?

Q10 - And what was the maximum speed (miles per hour) of the EM2?

Now add up your answers to questions 6-10 to give yourself SUB TOTAL 2.

Finally, as you might have guessed, simply add together your two sub totals to give yourself a numerical answer to the whole of todays questions and which you will carrry forward to the second half of the quiz that follows tomorrow. See you back here soon.