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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Is re-opening Stocksbridge line feasible?


Some of you will have missed this article, appearing as it did during the holiday season, so it is reprinted above. It was run by RAIL magazine
( Issue 650, 11 to 24 August 2010, Page 20) and is entitled ' Stocksbridge re-opening feasible? '.

Whilst the article itself is self explanatory, the interest and connection for supporters and followers of Re-open the Woodhead Line, is of course, that this is actually a part of the former Woodhead route, serving Sheffield Victoria.

For those not familiar with the entirety of the route between Manchester and Sheffield , there is a useful topographical map on Wikipedia's Woodhead Line page.

According to their own website, The Don Valley Railway Project, (who are the movers behind the scheme) it all started in September 2003 through the vision of Stocksbridge man, Mr David Goodison. They quickly gained support and involvement from individuals, local authorities, community groups, businesses and their local MP.

If only such support and vision was forthcoming from this side of the Pennines, where all the local authorities and politicians want to build are roads and supermarkets!!