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Sunday, 17 October 2010


A local treat for steam railway enthusiasts is served up by the Railway Touring Company on Sunday 7th November as the Tin Bath (a reference to a famous Summer Wine episode) leaves Manchester Piccadilly to take in the railways of the South Pennines and the Peak District.

The Tin Bath route encompasses Derbyshire, Lancashire and South Yorkshire visiting some rarely used routes for steam along the way.
I have lifted the approximate timings from the Railway Touring Company site and posted below.

Approximate Timings

Station Depart Return
Manchester Piccadilly 10:15 17:55
Romily 10:45 -------
Stockport ------- 18:15
Hathersage 11:25 -------
Sheffield 12:50 -------
Huddersfield 15:00 -------
Bolton 17:30 -------

Sure this is a lazy day trip with a difference and speed is definitately not of the essence.

Nevertheless its meandering course does serve as a reminder to those of us who want to see the Woodhead line re-opened, of the excessive time that it takes passengers along the route of the Manchester-Sheffield-Wath route to travel between two of Britain's major cities or between towns on the route.

Anyone wanting to travel between Glossop and Penistone, for instance, a journey of some 20 miles and which 50 years ago was measured in minutes on a railway timetable, would now be quicker to undertake by bicycle, or perhaps even on foot in this instance!