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Saturday, 9 October 2010

DEPARTMENT for TRANSPORT Replies To the Chair of Re-open the Woodhead Line

Readers of this blog may recall that back in July, having given the new government some time to settle in, our Chairman sent an open letter to the Rt. Hon Philip Hammond, the Secretary of State for Transport, asking that his government "show some foresight and safeguard this route and commit it for future reopening & development".

I am pleased to say that we received a reply to the letter a few weeks ago (from Brian Welch, the Cities and Regions Policy Manager) and having discussed it in the branch meeting, now feel ready for it to appear to a wider audience for general consumption and comment.

For some it is just the usual standard letter that might have been received in the 1980's, for others despite its apparent negativity on initial reading, it still leaves open some prospect for future re-opening. Over to you. Please feel free to comment using the comment box at the foot of the post.

Please note that after viewing the letter you will need to hit the back button to get back to the site as I haven't found a way to open up this particular document in a new window yet.