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Sunday, 20 January 2008

National Grid Woodhead brochure & information line

One thing that has surprised us about the Woodhead issue is how few people know about National Grid's plans for Woodhead. Even senior figures in the rail industry we have talked to have been unaware.

Until now, the only people who have had access to information have been 'stakeholders' like Parish Councils. National Grid have told us that they are meeting them on a monthly basis since giving them presentations late last year.

We have been forwarded a PDF version of the brochure National Grid have produced and are making them available for download here (you can also click on the image above).

National Grid have told us that this leaflet is 'in the public domain', but we have looked high and low on the internet and cannot find it. So we are making it available to you now.

Also, National Grid have a freephone information line. If you want more info on the project, or wish to ask questions, or simply want to tell them you object to their plans, please phone 0800 085 1326. Remember, the call is on them, and since this is their 'community liaison team', they won't mind liaising with you directly...