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Monday, 25 July 2011

Woodhead route in Rail Magazine

There is a six page profile of the Woodhead route and our campaign in the latest edition of Rail Magazine, find out more here:​ws/default.asp?storyID=7

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Re-open the Woodhead Line on Facebook and Flickr

Re-open the Woodhead Line now has Facebook and Flickr accounts. If you use any of these social media sites pay us a visit and 'like' us or 'friend' us. It's an easy way to show your support and keep in touch with latest developments.

On Facebook we're here:

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

30th Anniversary events

Saturday 16th July 2011 saw Re-open the Woodhead Line mark 30 years since the closure of the Manchester-Sheffield rail route.

The day began with simultaneous wreath laying ceremonies at Manchester Piccadilly and Sheffield Victoria to remember those navvies who died in the construction of the Woodhead Tunnel and route. In Manchester, Shadow Rail Secretary Andrew Gwynne MP made a short speech before Re-open the Woodhead Line treasurer Steve Bagshaw laid a wreath below the plaque at platform 1 that once lay at the entrance to the Woodhead Tunnel. In Sheffield, members of the Don Valley Railway laid a wreath at Sheffield Victoria, the now closed station that used to be the terminus for Woodhead services.

Campaigners then made their way towards a meeting point above the Woodhead Tunnel. On the train from Manchester out to the route's current terminus at Hadfield, passengers enjoyed an impromptu folk train performance from singer songwriter Aidan Jolly.

Demonstrating the lengths required to make it along the Woodhead route without a railway service, people then made their way to the tunnel mid-point, by cycle, car and on foot.

Three hours later the intrepid few, braved (un)seasonable stormy weather to meet on the moor above the Woodhead Tunnel's mid-point. Campaigners who had made their way from Sheffield and Manchester shook hands and celebrated the event with a few pints of specially brewed Tunnel Vision ale.

The events commemorated the route's closure but also highlighted the real need for it's re-opening. 30 years after the decision was made to close the line it seems the political will may now be there to push for it's re-opening. Meanwhile campaigners on both sides of the Pennines will keep making the case.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

See you Saturday!

We've had lots of interest about Saturday's events including a fair bit of press coverage.

You can meet us at several points:
9.30 Platform 1, Manchester Piccadilly Railway Station
11am Hadfield Station (walk/cycle)
11.30 Deepcar Station (with Don Valley Railway)
2.30pm at the mid-point on the moor above the Woodhead Tunnel (car park on the map below, at the 'P' by Salter's Brook Bridge on the A628)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sat 16th July 2011: Events marking 30 years since the closure of the Woodhead Line

For the sake of sixteen miles!

09.30 - Platform 1, Manchester Piccadilly Station
11.00 - Cycle and walk from Hadfield Station to Woodhead
12.30 - Congregate at Tunnelhead entrance at Woodhead
14.30 - Meeting on moor with campaigners from Yorkshire

Calling for the re-opening of the Woodhead line!

Saturday 16th July 2011 marks exactly 30 years since the last train ran along the Woodhead line from Manchester to Sheffield. To commemorate this sad milestone Re-open the Woodhead Tunnel Route campaign are staging a series of events.

Help us lay a wreath at Piccadilly Station where the tunnel’s entrance plaque is now sited, take a walk from Hadfield station along the old route bed or meet us on the moor at the tunnel’s midpoint. This event is not only about looking back but calling for the route’s re-opening and campaigning for it’s future use.

Come and join us!

Re-open the Woodhead Line Campaign
email: reopenthewoodheadline at

Sip a taste of 'Tunnel Vision Bitter'

Add Image
Don Valley Railway have brought you with the help of the Brew Company 'Tunnel Vision Bitter'. This is delivered right on time to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the closure of the Woodhead Route. It is 4.2 percent proof.

Having sampled it, it is a bitter bitter! It has a real kick to it. It is possibly the best £2.60 I've ever spent! Its available in Sheffield at The Harlequin, The Hillsborough Hotel, The Riverside and The Kelham Island Tavern, and should shortly be arriving at the Rutland and The University Arms. It is available far and wide across the country with orders coming in from as far away as Berwick upon Tweed.

Chris Bell,
Don Valley Railway Campaign