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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Re-launch the Woodhead Tunnel!

At the last Save the Woodhead Tunnel meeting the group decided to rebrand the campaign, changing the emphasis from saving the tunnel to re-opening the line, becoming: "Re-open the Woodhead line"

Recent reports show this is a realistic possibility and we want the campaign to shift towards making that a reality.

We also decided to adopt a new constitution and to elect officers at the next meeting on Thursday 30th July 2009.

We're looking for a chair (to facilitate meetings), secretary (to ensure meetings and AGMs happen and minutes are circulated) and treasurer (to keep an eye on the bank account). It was felt that if no one was willing to take on these roles then the commitment to the campaign would be insufficient to continue and it would end.

So if you want to see the campaign continue and achieve our aim of a re-opened Woodhead line, come along to the next meeting on Thursday 30th July to the Prince of Wales Pub, Milltown, Glossop, and if possible stand as an officer - we need you!