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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Woodhead Railway Line Books/DVD's

Hi Folks,

Just to bring your attention to a few Woodhead related items for sale on various sites that I have chanced upon, which may be of interest to some of you:-

I have copied the following review straight from the 'On Track' website but I'm sure they won't mind now that I've given them a mention and linked through to it in the header, besides they might make a few sales out of it.


The Woodhead Route - DVD or Video [AZ 156.CP113]

The Woodhead Route
The Woodhead Route
Suggested Retail Price:

The Pennines presented a formidable obstacle to potential railway builders hoping to link the Manchester area with Sheffield. Many schemes were drawn up but few trans-Pennine lines were built to link Lancashire and Yorkshire. So it is little wonder that enthusiasts fondly remember the former Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway (MSLR) route via the summit at Woodhead.

The railway changed its name when it built an extension as far as London, and it became the Great Central Railway (GCR). Later it became part of the London & North Eastern Railway (LNER). The principal traffic was coal, and this remained true right up to closure in 1981.

Forty-one miles of line made up the Woodhead route. It was steam operated until the 1950s when electrification at 1500 volts DC was completed. The locomotives used on this route were unique in Britain, consisting of Bo-Bo electric locomotives of what was to become class 76 and the express passenger version, the Co-Co class 77.

Perhaps the best known part of the route is the famous Woodhead Tunnel. The original tunnel was two track, but capacity was doubled by the addition of a second two-track tunnel.

This archive film programme showcases trains on the route and is supplemented by footage from the 1970s and very early 1980s, when class 76 Bo-Bo electric locomotives based at Reddish depot were pre-eminent on freight trains.

Format: DVD or video
Film Type: Black & White and colour
Duration: 60 minutes

Reference:[AZ 156.CP113]

And here is the link to the On Track website from where I have shamelessly culled the review from.


Next up is a (used) book currently available on e-bay auction until 1st March, entitled "Main Line Across The Pennines". Here is a full description of the item, which currently is available for a measly 99p + £1.36p postage:-

Main Line Across The Pennines - Woodhead in the Shadows - A pictorial survey of the final years, by C.M.Corroy and A.R.Kaye, published by Lowlander Publications in the early 1980s.

Picture book with a small amount of text, describing the final years of the former Great Central Railway and London & North Eastern Railway Woodhead route between Manchester and Sheffield. Most pictures are of Class 76 electric locomotives, also featured are diesel locomotives and a few pictures of steam at work in the 1960s.

48 page booklet with card covers, A5 size.

Good condition.


Finally, e-bay again for a book from our well known friend Alan Whitehouse's 'Rails Through Barnsley'. I have to say that an opening ask bid of £24.99p for a used (but good condition) book seems like a lot but if the seller is correct, this book is "very scarce". So I suppose it's worth it if it's something that's missing from your collection and saves a lot of hassle finding it using the J.R. Hartley method!


Wharncliffe Publishing Limited 1988

160 pages of detailed text and prolific rare photographs of Barnsley and the surrounding area (including the Woodhead route).

This book is very scarce indeed and difficult to find

The book is in very good condition

Measures a large 12 x 10 in. 158 pages.


That's all for now. Bye folks.