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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Woodhead links - photos - footage

Photos from Woodhead
For anyone looking for quality photos of the Woodhead route, should take a look at:

Here are a couple of Woodhead searches on the site:

and some for Dunford:


Electrics Across the Pennines: Woodhead Route
A detailed and authoritative exploration of the Woodhead route, starting in the 1950s, and ending with the last trains to use the line. Sheffield Victoria, Penistone and the line around Woodhead is shown in detail, plus the steep climb from Wath and the Manchester suburban services to Hadfield

We see the EM1s and EM2s hard at work on the Manchester to Victoria Main Line. Passenger and freight traffic during the 1960s featuring both electric and diesel traction. The last years of electric operations over the route from Wath and Sheffield to Guide Bridge and Manchester. In addition we include 'before and after' scenes to complete a portrait of a unique railway.
Produced by - Transport Video Publishing, Running time - 65 Minutes DVD only
Buy it on ebay:

Online footage
Three fantastic video clips from the BBC in black and white from the 1960’s, the first showing footage from the driver’s cab going through both ends of the tunnel. Some readers may be familiar with these clips but what the hell, these are priceless and worth seeing again and again. Link:

In the Tunnel - Engines Must Not Enter the Potato Siding (1969/b&w/sound)
Take a journey from Sheffield to Manchester and find out what it was like to go through the Woodhead Tunnel. Sometimes drivers had to crouch down to avoid the fumes and get breathable air. (3 minutes 32 seconds ©BBC)

Signal Man - Engines Must Not Enter the Potato Siding (1969/b&w/sound)
Go inside the signal box with signalman Michael Gatonby and find out about one of the loneliest and busiest jobs on the railway line. (2 minutes 1 second ©BBC)

Passenger Guard - Engines Must Not Enter the Potato Siding (1969/b&w/sound)
The passenger guard waves off a train on the Manchester-Sheffield line. Hear the passenger guard talking about his job and the camaraderie of working on the railways. (3 minutes 23 seconds ©BBC)

A South Yorkshire orientated site with many of the stations relevant to the Woodhead line:

Woodhead Calendars
Who’d a thowt it – you can still buy Woodhead calendars in 2011, yes it’s true:

Actually it may be that these are sold out now but something to bear in mind when searching for the ideal Xmas present for the railway enthusiast in your life for 2012!