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Sunday, 3 October 2010

British Transport Film - Electrification of the Woodhead Route

Another time sensitive post folks and one for the historians rather than the futurists.

Just thought I'd mention that there's a rare chance for one of our members/supporters/followers to acquire a VHS tape from 1991 that's currently auctioning on e-bay.

The subject matter is the era of British Railways' modernisation plan
and our interest lies in the first of the three short films, which is concerned with the electrification of the Woodhead Route between Manchester and Sheffield.

No it's not mine by the way, nor do I know who the vendor is but what I can tell you is that it was originally released by Railfilms who are also the people behind The Woodhead Route Cab Ride video

The VHS tape consists of three mini films which together are 25 minutes in length and all are in black and white. The remaining info that I can give you is lifted from the item description as follows:

The first film on the tape is 'Signpost', a 1955 British Transport Films production concerned with the electrification of the Woodhead Route between Manchester and Sheffield, one of the first lines to be electrified using overhead wires and seen at the time as a blueprint for the future of Britain's rail network (although the route itself, like so many others, was eventually closed).

The film is only five minutes in length largely because it was intended to be shown on BBC Television on the night the original Modernisation Plan was debated in Parliament - the time slot offered was reduced in length and so the film had to be recut from the original 'Electrification: Manchester - Sheffield'.

Happy bidding and may the most genuinely interested person win rather than the richest. If you are going in with a serious bid then I think you'll need to go a lot higher than the current meagre and measly offer of 99 pence !!!