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Monday, 27 September 2010

Consultation evening for railway volunteers

Consultation evening for railway volunteers

Very time sensitive this one folks. This article is lifted from the Yorkshire Post, in which it states the event (which you can read about below) takes place the following evening - so that will be Tuesday 28th September then. If you're interested best get your skates on

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and check out the Map so you'll know where to head......

Confirmation of the event can be found here on the Penistone Line Partnership website.

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Published Date: 26 September 2010

PEOPLE living in communities close to the Penistone railway line between Huddersfield and Sheffield are invited to a consultation evening tomorrow.

The event, which begins at 7pm at Shepley Library and Information Centre in Marsh Lane, Shepley, aims to find out how volunteers would like to get involved at stations along the Penistone line.

Voluntary organisation the Penistone Line Partnership event, which will be attended by Northern Rail, which manages the stations.

Community rail partnership officer Rowena Chantler, from the Penistone Line Partnership, said: "We would like people to come along not only to tell us what improvements they would like to see, but more importantly what they would like to get involved in and what skills they want to offer or develop to make the most of their local station.

"People tend to think that volunteers on this sort of project will just get involved in gardening or painting benches and, while that sort of work is really important, people who want to volunteers their time for arts and crafts, writing or blogging or helping to design and put up posters are really valuable too.

"Any existing groups who would like to join forces on this project would be most welcome to attend as well as interested individuals."

Last week it was confirmed the East Peak Innovation Partnership will be putting £3,500 in funding towards a "station adoption" scheme.

A spokesman for the Penistone Line Partnership explained: "Adopting the station by the local community provides volunteer opportunities, adds value to what is already there, helps make the station more welcoming and attractive and encourages local people to be more involved in how their local facilities are managed." END