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Saturday, 24 January 2009

TAKE ACTION: Contact 4NW and NWDA re: Regional Funding consultation

Until Friday 30th January 2009, there's a great opportunity to push forward the re-opening of
the Woodhead line by writing to north west authorities, asking them to drop plans for a bypass in Longendale.

The North West region receives a funding allocation for transport projects. This allocation includes plans for a bypass in the Mottram, Hollingworth, Tintwistle area. Our argument is that for environmental, social and economic reasons we need to take freight off the roads and put it on the rails.

We're asking supporters of Save the Woodhead Tunnel to write to 4NW (4 North West) and the NWDA (North West Development Agency), before FRIDAY 30TH JANUARY, asking them to drop the scheme.

You can email there is draft text outlining key points below and in this PDF, or you can make your own reasons clear.



Robert Bancroft
Policy Officer
Northwest Development Agency (NWDA)
PO Box 37
Renaissance House
Centre Park
Warrington WA1 1XB

Date ______________________

Response to the 4NW and NWDA Regional Funding Advice, December 2008 (NW RFA) consultation draft

Dear Mr. Bancroft,

I am writing to urge the 4NW group to reconsider their support for the A628 Mottram Tintwistle bypass and the Glossop Spur when considering the spending priorities for the region in the RFA2 process.

I do not support the bypass proposals. I am very concerned that the scheme will increase traffic in the local area, that it will lead to increased levels of pollution and CO2, and that it will cause irreparable damage to the countryside.

If the Mottram Tintwistle bypass goes ahead an extra 15,000 tonnes per year of CO2 will be emitted into the atmosphere. Given the threat of climate change it seems inconceivable that we are still considering schemes that will increase levels of CO2 without giving due attention to less-polluting alternatives that would cost much less to implement. We should be funding public transport schemes, investing in the railways, further expanding the metro system, providing communities with integrated transport systems, and encouraging people to walk and cycle more, benefiting both the environment and human health. The Mottram Tintwistle bypass will achieve the direct opposite of all these aims, diverting funds from sustainable solutions that are in line with the latest thinking on transport and the environment.

Your comments:

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Mike Sanders said...

I thought this group was aimed at stopping national grid using the tunnel as a cable conduit, so that it could in future be reused as a railway route again. I believe this is right.

Now on the back of this, I am being asked to oppose the Hollingworth, Tintwistlle bypass and Glossop spur. Uhmmm NO!

I want better communications for Glossopdale all round. And resent and disagree with this linkage of two disparate agendas.

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