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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Work has started - but the campaign goes on...

We can reveal that National Grid have started work at Woodhead. The above photo shows that a compound and portakabins have been set up next to the Eastern portal at Dunford Bridge for the contractors who will be doing the work (click here for a google map).

We were told by National Grid last week that work had been started to set up this site last Monday, January 14th. We were also told that work to form a roadway will begin at the end of February, with work to install the cables commencing in June of this year.

This is not a time for despair and resignation. This campaign was set up in haste and at the last minute against the background what should be viewed as a genuine potential threat to the environment and the future direction of transport infrastructure in the North West region, perhaps even the country.

We will continue to build our campaign to raise awareness and to act to prevent disaster. But we need your help...